POSITRACTION: The simple faith of a child who’d been through tough times



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Tiffany Hill-Moore 12 hrs ·

 Today I met Larry at my mothers house. Larry is a 9 year old boy that lives down the street. He happened to be walking down the street and saw the kids playing outside. He asked my dad if he could come on the porch and play too. Larry told them his story of how he had been in foster care most of his life since the age of 5 and how his parents had lost him. He was recently reunited with them and now lives down the street. He talked about how he had been beaten and abused in other homes, teased and picked on by other foster kids and how he was happy he wasn’t in that situation anymore. I sat there thinking my, my, my what trauma this child has had all before his 10th birthday coming up on May 7th. This child highly intelligent , very respectful, just wanted to play and share his story. He played, laughed, cracked jokes and told more of his story and pain. And then he ate a piece of watermelon and asked if we would be back next Sunday. I told him yes around 1pm after church. He asked if he could come back and meet us on the porch again. I said yes, he told me he’d be back next Sunday around 1p bc he goes to church at 9am and he’d be done by then. I asked who he goes with and what church it was. He told me he goes alone and it’s 2 blocks over from his house. He didn’t know the name, just knew to be there every Sunday at 9am. Always count your blessings. God shows up in all forms. Today Larry proved that. emoji unicode: 2764emoji unicode: 2764

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I don’t know Ms. Tiffany. She seems like a nice lady and an authentic person.

I take this story on face value. I have no way of verifying, authenticating, or trusting it.

That being said, it sounds true and does tug at the conscience.

We know that the “foster care system” that the Gooferment runs is horrendous. And, that it, like most Gooferment bureaucracies, is motivate to perpetuate and expand. The “clients” suffer in the system.

I found this story inspiring. Here’s a child of nine years, that having endured what no child should, comes out of the experience with a unique viewpoint and faith. 

So how in the rough and tumble we called life, I didn’t emerge as well-adjusted as he is.

I’ll add him and all the other children in “foster care” to my prayer list. I hope that God, the Universe, or whatever regulates the Fates give him a happier life than he’s had. 

Dona Nobis Pacem

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