JNEWS: Khury, Maria [MC1977] CoB Dominican Day Parade


[JR: Reported anonymously.]   


maria khury has been named chair of the board of the national dominican day parade, inc. that’s a big deal

an organization put together by the AG’s office and mayor.
see their press releases (2015) and apr 2017 and also they have been giving dominican students at mc scholarships..

hey just had a big ceremony at the library 5th ave and 42st.

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[JR: Website is down.]   



Dominican Day Parade – August 13, 2017
Apr 7, 2017 – The Dominican Day Parade in NYC highlights, promotes, and acknowledges the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in America and …

The Dominican Day Parade Board of Directors announces the election of Maria M. Khury as the Chair of the Board of Directors, Leonardo Ivan Dominguez as First Vice-President, Henry Garrido as Treasurer, Maria Osorio as Secretary, Wilton Cedeno as Development Chair and Estela Vazquez and Mr. Dominguez as Co-Chairs of the Arts and Culture Committee.

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Rechazan escogencia María Khury presidenta Desfile Dominicano
Por: RAMON MERCEDES Fecha: marzo 30, 2017 En: Nueva York

*** begin quote ***

NUEVA YORK.- Quisqueyanos de diferentes estratos sociales rechazaron que la empresaria María Khury fuera escogida como presidenta del Desfile Dominicano de Manhattan.

Durante un sondeo al azar entre 117 criollos, tomando en cuenta su perfil, acento al hablar, sin importar sexo, afiliación política, edad, nivel académico, color, religión, ni región de donde procede del país, se le preguntó en los vecindarios de Washington Heights e Inwood, por donde transitan miles de dominicanos, lo siguiente:

¿Usted cómo dominicano(a) está de acuerdo que la empresaria María Khury la escogieran como presidenta del Desfile Dominicano de Manhattan?.

*** end quote ***

[JR: Evidently it’s not all sweetness and light hearted fun. Argh!]  

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