MFACEBOOK: Seeking a 1930 yearbook



‎Peter Julian‎ to Manhattan College Alumni
May 6 at 7:04pm ·

My dad graduated in 1930 (still have his ring). Any yearbook archives going back that far? Thanks!

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[JR: I’d assume that the library has copies of all the yearbooks, but that’s not knowing. Can anyone help this fellow?]  

[JR: It appears that someone in “authority” has made a significant change to Facebook alumni page. Non-admin posts are much harder to see and find. Hence, “news” from there will be spotty at best. I’m going to stop wasting my time posting the weekly jottings link there since you’d have to know where to look for it. Argh! I expect that it’ll become like all the other “institutional  pages” — bland propaganda from HQ.]  

# – # – # – # – #  2017-May-08 @ 10:58  


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