JNEWS: Evans, John [MC2017] Valedictorian despite medical problems



Dobbs Ferry Resident, Blind Since Age 5, Is College Valedictorian
The man thought he had loss his vision due to a genetic disorder.
By Michael Woyton (Patch Staff) – May 17, 2017 1:37 pm ET

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Growing up in Westchester, Evans said he believed his loss of sight at a young age was due to a genetic disorder. However, in 2014, while a student at Manhattan, he learned his blindness was actually the result of a brain tumor.

Faced with a difficult surgery ahead, Evans remained in school, crediting the College’s Specialized Resource Center and his professors and friends for their support and flexibility while he dealt with a year’s worth of medical visits and tests.

A year later, Evans had published another collection of his poetry and prose, and earned Dean’s List honors, which he has received every semester of his college tenure.

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Evans, John [MC2017]

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