ENDNOTE: All life is “sacred” and precious. Even some dumb cow.



Twenty-five cows destined for slaughter were given a rare second chance. Watch as they greet the beginning of Spring — and the start of their new lives — in a display of some of the purest joy you will ever see.

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Now, I’m not yet a vegan. Nor a Buddhist. But I am pro-life and pro-choice.

I watched this video. 

It reinforced my prejudice that all life is “sacred” and precious. Even some dumb cow.

It teaches us humanity and, obviously based on the fundraising for a foundation, it’s strikes a common chord.

Maybe it’s when we look at individuals or a specific instance, our “soul” is awakened.

I’m not sure that cows feel “joy”. I know that humans anthropomorphize and see pattern in clouds; our minds make us see what we want to see.

But there is a beauty in life and nature far beyond my ability to comprehend or create.

So I’ll just be in awe of what I don’t understand.

Somewhat like those “cargo cults” in the South Pacific waiting for the planes bringing stuff to come back. Uncomprehending of the exernal realities.

Just like me!

Except I’m a fat old white guy injineer and I “know it all”. (Just ask my fiancée or my relatives!)

I just watch the video of these cows and wondered who’s the “dumb one” now.

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