POSITRACTION: After Manchester Arena Explosion, heroism



Hero Woman Rescues 50 Children After Horrifying Manchester Arena Explosion

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After an explosion occurred at Manchester Arena last night, scores of panicked teenagers scattered into the streets. One woman felt the blast from nearby Victoria Station, and stepped in immediately to help. Her actions are now being showered with praise by social media users, who have dubbed her the ‘Angel of Manchester.’

“We ran out. It was literally seconds after the explosion. I got the teens to run with me,” she told local media. The 48-year-old West Dalton native, named Paula Robinson, managed to corral about 50 young victims, and eventually led them to a nearby hotel. In a series of Facebook posts, she shared their ordeal and pleaded with parents to come for their children, even going as far as posting her personal phone number to be contacted for information. It’s unknown whether or not all of the kids have been located and picked up, but Robinson’s fast response and selfless lending of assistance was undoubtedly a comfort to them.

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I’m sure this was an instinctive response.

A known tactic is to have secondary explosions to kill emergency responders.

But, anytime one heads into danger, that’s heroic in my mind. 

Clearly, NOT her children, but someone’s.

Hope I can do that someday.

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