ENDNOTE: A tragedy caused by “welfare” and bad engineering?



Sadiq Khan confronted by young boy as he faces furious crowd demanding answers at Grenfell Tower scene
The Mayor of London was said to have been met by up to 300 people
By Carri-Ann Taylor and Chris Pollard
15th June 2017, 8:53 pm  Updated: 16th June 2017, 7:17 am

*** begin quote ***

  • The blaze is thought to have been sparked by a faulty fridge
  • Experts warned the blaze was spread by cladding panels which are fitted to countless buildings across Britain

*** end quote ***

“Council housing”, I believe, is the UK’s version of “the projects”.

Welfare is the root of disempowering people. If they owned their units, paying a maintenance fee, then their “homeowners association” would have “ensure sprinklers are installed in all council tower blocks.”

Welfare is the modern day slavery. Not enough money to escape “captivity” but enough to survive in “captivity”.

Now on to “engineering” which I’ll refer to the Civil Engineers in the crowd.

I, personally, don’t think — without any particular expertise on the topic but that doesn’t stop anyone from offering opinions — that could happen here since I am unaware of any multistory building without sprinklers and working fire alarms. Additionally, I’ve never seen or heard of “cladding panels” used here in the US. (Such panels sound like “lipstick on a pig”.) Finally, in the US, I don’t think that the Insurance Industry would insure or the local Fire Departments would certify such a structure.

Requiescat In Pacem the hundred who died and I hope humanity learns.

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