POSITRACTION: The “what3words” utility



Identifying disaster zones with what3words and the Philippine Red Cross

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The Philippine Red Cross provides essential support and aid in disasters, such as heavy flooding and typhoons, throughout the Philippines region.

The Operations Center provides a 24/7 control and coordination service to teams operating in the heart of disaster zones. They are in charge of dispatch, mobilisation and tracking of individuals and vehicles in these areas.

In terms of identifying a precise location, the Philippines already suffer from inadequate street and building addressing. This is magnified in rural areas, where people typically resort to describing a location based on nearby landmarks.

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What a GREAT idea.

While it seems “obvious” in the USA, it’s really not. From my time on the local rescue squad, responding to an address was relatively easy but not so if it was not at an “address”. This service provides a “global address”.

While they need Google or Amazon to join this service and make it “universal”, it does pinpoint locations quite nicely. I use it by sharing the map’s link when I’m trying to pinpoint a location. 

Here’s a tool you can use and I hope it’s never needed for your rescue.

From “dovetails.kitchens.filming” while wishing I was back at “joke.crab.arch” in 1968.


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