JNEWS: Carrera, Jose [MC????] signed by the Yankees



Yankees’ shortest player won’t let size keep him from dream
By Zach Braziller
July 3, 2017 | 12:52am

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Don’t tell Jose Carrera size matters. If he subscribed to that notion, the former Manhattan College shortstop wouldn’t be a professional baseball player today.

Told he was too short throughout his career, passed over for bigger athletes and ridiculed for his lack of height, the 5-foot-2 infielder never let his shortcomings hinder him.

“This game is not about size,” he said in a phone interview. “The biggest thing you can have in this game is your heart, and the mental side of it. If you’re tough and you believe in yourself, you can succeed. That’s what I think.”

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Carrera’s height is only part of his story of perseverance. He has suffered three serious injuries. He fractured his right ankle his freshman year of high school, which cost him the entire season. But while he was out, he taught himself to hit left-handed and now is a switch hitter. As a sophomore in college, he broke his right hamate bone. This past season, he broke his left hamate bone. Carrera was given the option to redshirt, but he didn’t want to leave his teammates hanging. He sped back, returning from the injury to help the Jaspers reach the MAAC Tournament.

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Carrera, Jose [MC????]

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