MNEWS: This memoir has a connection to Alma Mater


AU track coach and Olympian Matthew Centrowitz Sr. publishes memoir
Centrowitz shares stories of his running career and his son’s gold medal mile in new book
By Shannon Scovel | 16 hours ago | Updated 14 hours ago

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Google Matthew Centrowitz and the first page will be filled with results related to the younger Matthew Centrowitz, Olympic gold medalist, recent track star and the son of AU head track and cross country coach, Matthew Centrowitz Sr.

Search the name on Amazon, however, and the name brings up different results. The site instead displays a picture of a memoir, published on January 19, 2017 by Centrowitz Sr., who announced his plan in May to step down as coach in September.

An Olympian himself, Centrowitz Sr. said his recent project allowed him to share stories from a sport that molded him and his son into the iconic track figures that they are today. The book takes readers from Centrowitz Sr.’s childhood in the Bronx, a run in with the law and his first day on the track.

Centrowitz Sr. writes in chronological order as he describes his growth in the sport, and his decision to transfer to the University of Oregon from Manhattan College after his first year of collegiate running. The book hits on three main themes, running, coaching and parenting, but the majority of the book focuses on Centrowitz Sr.’s athletic career, offering bits and pieces of his parenting style at the beginning and end of the book and some of his own coaching anecdotes in the final chapters. 

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