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Foglio, John [MC2006]
Utility industry leader who successfully operates in demanding environments, overseeing Manhattan’s Electrical System
Con Edison  
New York, New York

Throughout my 11-year career at Con Edison, one of the largest and most reliable utility companies in the U.S., I performed in a range of technical and professional capacities. Each position – from construction foreman to distribution engineer to manager in operations – enabled me to grow through increased responsibilities and exposure to multifaceted challenges. To exceed the demands of these roles, I primarily relied on five essential competencies.


Pioneered the application of a control system (i.e., SCADA technology) to provide real-time data on defective equipment, which will reduce cost by ~$1.9M a year.


Engaged with, coached, and subsequently improved the morale and productivity of poorly performing crews within one year; increased their quality compliance rating from 77% to 96%. 


Evaluate daily the impact of planned and unforeseen system operations that affect the integrity and reliability of Manhattan’s electric system, which impacts 1.6M people – including highly critical customers such as mass transit, hospitals, government buildings, and financial institutions.

Learning agility

Proficiently learned new power analysis program in less than 4 months while transitioning between a field and office environment and subsequently reduced equipment failures by 56% and generated ~$1.1M of savings a year. 

Operations management

Increased productive hours, reduced response times and travel expenditures by proposing, gaining approval for, and opening a satellite work location. Created a cost savings analysis that resulted in an additional 1.5 productive hours per crew a day and total savings of $2M+ a year. 

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