POSITRACTION: A crowd “catch”



Watch Crowd Make Amazing Catch When Girl Falls From Ride
by McKinley Corbley – Jun 26, 2017

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There was nothing amusing about this young woman dangling from an amusement park ride on Saturday evening – but the resulting rescue was an inspiring example of humanity.

Visitors of the Six Flags theme park of Lake George, New York were shocked to see a 14-year-old girl hanging from the Sky Ride gondola 25 feet above the ground.

As park goers attracted the attention of emergency personnel and park security, several pedestrians gathered under the girl and started organizing themselves into a makeshift human safety net.

When Park personnel stopped the ride, one man climbed a nearby tree so he could move the branches out of the girl’s path. Once the way was clear, the climber yelled out for the girl to let go.

And she did, landing safely into the arms of the people below.

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While the event is still under investigation, however, one thing is clear: this group of random strangers were ready to risk their own health just to help a girl in distress.

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“Love thy neighbor as thyself” in action.

A lot of things COULD have gone wrong for the rescuers.

Maybe even death or serious injury. 

In this case, it all worked out for the best.

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