COMMENT: Adrienne Ricci about Ricci, John J. [MC1942 RIP]


JOBIT: Ricci, John J. [MC1942 RIP] on 2017-Jun-04
John J. Ricci M.D.
1920 – 2017

RICCI – John J. MD passed away on June 4 in Ellsworth ME.

Message from Adrienne Ricci

To Manhattan College,

Thank you for your acknowledgement and respectful commentary regarding my father, John J. Ricci MD. He was very proud to be an Alumni of Manhattan College and had many memorable life events while attending. He went on to St. Louis University, graduating with and earning a medical degree. He was swiftly usurped by Uncle Sam for WWI and then Korea.He established his practice in Huntington Station, NY, as a beloved GP for 65 years,retiring at age 85.

While at Manhattan, John created color images for his class yearbook, after researching, through patent offices, the color printing process. A first at Manhattan!

He intricately illustrated medical manuals, published by Prof. Acconci, while attending Manhattan. His artistic talents were unsurpassed.

Dr. Ricci was adored by his patients, generations of patients, half of whom he delivered. He was a dedicated and devoted physician, Husband, Father, an ardent award winning artist who was one of the founders of the Huntington Township Art League, multilinguist, a member of the United Flying Octegenarians ( UFO’s) having earned his pilots licence at the age of 75, sailor, boatbuilder, fisherman, sculptor, gourmet chef and all around remarkable man.

He did not go into medicine for the income potential. He genuinely cared for people first. His patients would often pay him with home-grown produce tucked into the back seat of his beloved Corvair. The car, with 4 studded tires, that enabled him to make house calls, regardless of how snowy the roads were. A Cadillac was not his style. His devotion was to his patients, not his income. He gave his all…and everyone knew and appreciated that.

Your college graduated a phenomenal man. You should be proud.

Adrienne C. Ricci

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