MNEWS: Gauzza, Andrew III [MCstudent] runs for Beacon Council


Many Moving Parts in Beacon Council Election
By Jeff Simms on August 4, 2017No Comment
Incumbent knocked off ballot; Democrat to run as Republican
By Jeff Simms

The Beacon Republican Committee has issued its endorsements for the upcoming City Council elections, while objections knocked three Democratic candidates off the ballot — although they can appeal or gather enough signatures to be included as independents.

All six seats on the council are contested every two years; current members Peggy Ross (Ward 1) and Pam Wetherbee (Ward 3) are not running for re-election.

The Republican-endorsed candidates are Wayne Theiss (Ward 1), a volunteer firefighter who owns an HVAC business; Andrew Gauzza III (Ward 3), a Manhattan College student; Chris Bopp (Ward 4), an accountant, real estate agent and former City Council member; and Amando Downer, a business consultant who is running for an at-large seat.

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Gauzza, Andrew III [MCstudent]

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