ENDNOTE: God sent technology or eugenics?



Responding to yesterday’s question on the recent advances in gene editing, Joel McLemore of Georgia said: “By ‘gene editing’ do we mean eugenics? What could possibly go wrong?” John Hicks of New Jersey wrote: “If you can prevent children from being born with destructive genetic diseases, then you should do so. Put aside the fears of creating a super race (who knows what really makes a superior person) and remove the fear that parents with inheritable genetic defects will pass them on. It’s a crushing weight to discover that your newborn will lead a shortened or painful life.” And Jim Mhyre of Washington weighed in: “Genetic bioengineering, including human gene editing, is in its fragmented early stages. The science will advance, here or elsewhere. If U.S. science is to play a leadership role, it must do so at a pace that the American public can ethically assimilate. Developing or deploying human genetic-disease therapies will require proactive public education along with regulatory oversight.”

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Well, this is a “Pandora’s Box” that has been opened.

Nothing left to do but help develop the ethical rules around it.

To do anything else is just pretend it will go away. That ain’t gonna happen!

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