POSITRACTION: All life is sacred and Moms deserve a lot of credit


FWIW, for some number of unfortunate reasons, I’m now “pop pop” to a seven week old baby boy named Daniel (aka Gift from God) due to a drug addicted mother — my fiancé’s daughter. I’ve always been a pro-life pro-choice fat old white guy injineer. This experience has reinforced two things — (1) Moms deserve a lot of credit for the work that a baby represents; and (2) the baby is really a miracle. Daniel has taught me a lot. Not the least of which that every human is a unique Gift from God. We allow them to be killed (i.e., aborted) at our own peril. While I’d never want the Gooferment involve in a Mom’s body, we certainly should be able to figure out how to preserve life.


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