JFOUND: Rosso, Alessandra [MC2014] field engineer on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge



Alessandra Rosso

2017 08Aug 19 Rosso

WHO: Rosso, 25, is a field engineer from the Bronx and graduated from Manhattan College in 2014.

WHAT SHE DID: Rosso previously placed steel bars in concrete to make structures stronger. More recently, she’s been “stressing” the bridge’s stay cables, which has her working hundreds of feet in the air.

VIEW FROM ABOVE: “I was always impressed by the guys who would climb up with no reservation whatsoever but after the first month you’re right there with them and it doesn’t faze you anymore. I used to be scared to look over the edge and then by the end you don’t care anymore. It’s pretty amazing how far down you can see. You can see the weather coming when you’re up there. You can tell if it’s going to rain in an hour or so…It feels a lot hotter up there because there’s nowhere to escape. There’s not a lot of shade. And the wind. As heavy as the towers are they sway. It’s a little unnerving when you’re not used to it.”

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Rosso, Alessandra [MC2014]

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