POSITRACTION: ‘Your duty is done’



Vietnam Vet With Dementia Reassured When Colonel Tells Him ‘Your duty is done’
by McKinley Corbley – Aug 17, 2017

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It has been decades since Lawrence Silk foughtthrough three different tours in Vietnam – but due to his dementia, he still wakes up some days and feels like he has to ship out and start fighting once more.

As a means of soothing his troubled mind, however, Lt. Col. Andy LaFrazia stopped by the veteran’s bedside with an important gift.

LaFrazia first heard about the 84-year-old’s troubled predicament when Silk’s daughter Julie Dunn and her husband Kenny posted about her father’s condition on social media.

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Well done, sir.

I hope the man finds peace. 

I hope we all find peace.


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