JFOUND: Dean, Richard [MC1966] Adjunct Professor Morgan State University



Dr. Richard Dean

Adjunct Professor Morgan State University


PhD Electrical Engineering, Oklahoma St U, Stillwater OK
MS Electrical Engineering, U of MD, College Park, MD 1969
BS Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY 1966

Curriculum Vitae



Proven experience in a variety of positions doing Research and Development of Telecommunications, Networks, Signal Processing, and Security. This includes a combination of analytical and hands-on signal processing, telecommunications and security analysis and design, hardware and software development, and field experience. Four decades experience in speech signal processing, cryptography, secure voice, computer security, military communications, telephony networks, communications, and in working with the Wireless Industry in the development of Cellular and Satellite Standards. Created the foundations for the (now) international Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP). A breadth of academic experience areas related to these topics and can articulate the theoretical foundations as well as the relevant applications.


Research Interests:

Network Security

  • Developing live test bed network capabilities for cyber attack, Intrusion Detection, Attack visualization, and Forensics
  • Use of the Hidden Markov Model as a means of identifying cyber attack in an operational environment with management of Type I and Type II errors.
  • Development and simulation of Distributed Denial of Service attacks and defenses.
  • Modeling Risk in a complex network environment as part of Risk Management


  • Key Management architectures for various applications

Cloud Security

  • Incorporation of high assurance features into the cloud
  • Security issues in cloud to cloud operation

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Dean, Richard [MC1966]

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