POSITRACTION: Valerie Harper’s remission shows the limits of “experts”



Valerie Harper: Still Going Strong at 78 After Doctors Predicted Her Death
by Good News Network – Aug 22, 2017

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Congratulations to actress Valerie Harper who is celebrating her 78th birthday Tuesday. Best known for her role as Rhoda Morgenstern on the beloved 70s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spinoff series Rhoda, she is twice a cancer survivor, having been given three months to live in 2013—a year in which she competed on Dancing With The Stars. Originally a dancer, she earned four Emmy Awards and also a Tony nomination for her leading role in the 2010 play Looped.

Her husband of 30 years, former fitness trainer Tony Cacciotti, encourages her to exercise. Her charity, Lung Strong, also keeps her active, as do cameo acting appearances and frequent voice-overs for animated characters on The Simpsons. She said in a 2016 interview (below), “A lot of stuff that looks impossible is not—and every day there is evidence of it.”

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More evidence too that “experts” know so little.

Hopefully, this will encourage everyone to continue to follow their dreams and goals regardless of “expert advice”.

I’m attempting to do that to. 

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