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With NCAA Payout, College Begins Jasper Jumpstart Program
Posted on October 11, 2017 by Ally Hutzler in Sports

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With a one time payout from the NCAA, the Manhattan College athletic department has started its inaugural year of the Jasper Jumpstart Program.

The idea behind the program, whose purpose is to enhance the student-athlete experience at the college, began over a year ago and was submitted to the NCAA this past summer.

All colleges and universities who are members of the national athletic association had the ability to apply for the monetary payout, but each school received a different lump sum that was directly related to the amount of scholarship dollars used by the institution during the 2013-2014 academic year.

While the funds could have been simply used to buy new athletic equipment or modify facilities, the athletic department recognized a need to enrich the overall life of a student athlete.

“Realistically the majority of our student athletes aren’t going to go and play professionally,” Will Aloia, assistant athletic director for compliance and life skills, said. “I think the majority understand that and realize that and so we need to prepare them to enter the workforce and to one day be able to buy a home– stuff like that is important.”

The Jasper Jumpstart program has three essential focus areas including academic, life skills and health and wellness.

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[JR: For athletes only. Seems like stuff everyone could use. P.S., note the lack of the old Oxford comma. Laugh!]  

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