ENDNOTE: Is the nation turning back to its moral roots?



The overreach of the Left’s response to Trump’s victory — and its consequences.
October 16, 2017  Bruce Thornton

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The second is the Harvey Weinstein scandal. A lavish donor to Democrats––praised by Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, given standing ovations at awards shows by the politically correct, slavishly courted and feted by progressive actors and entertainers, and long known to be a vicious sexual predator by these same progressive “feminists” supposedly anguished by the plight of women––perhaps will become the straw that breaks the back of progressive ideology. Just as ultrasounds, Planned Parenthood’s dismemberment of babies to harvest and sell their organs, and murderous ghouls like Kermit Gosnell have turned people against abortion, perhaps the lies, cover-ups, and rationalizations of Weinstein’s creepy assaults on more than 30 women will discredit Hollywood’s pompous posing and smug virtue-signaling on the part of self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights. The spectacle of a rich feminist and progressive icon like Jane Fonda whimpering about her own moral cowardice has destroyed the credibility we foolishly gave to Hollywood’s dunces and poltroons.

So do these signs portend at last the end of the leftist “fundamental transformation” of America? Will we begin to see even more pushback, and more reforms of our cultural and social institutions?

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One can only hope?

It seems interesting that, for all their “preaching liberal values” to “We, The Sheeple”, the leftists are as corrupt, venial, and disgusting as thy hypocrites they are.

I admit I am no saint, no paragon of virtue, or a model for anything other than the ability of a fat old white guy retired injineer who’s a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income to muddle along attempting to do the best he can in this dangerous and troubled world.

When folks are honest, then I give them and their opinions a respectful and fair listen. We may then disagree, but I want to disagree agreeably. They are not “the enemy”. Even when people “compete”, they should be “competitors”; not “enemies”. It seems that this ethic or morality has been forgotten. Especially in sports (i.e., “little league parents”, politicians who disagree, some rude drivers on our roads). 

When I was taking my MBA — many moons ago — there was a concept called “co-op-etition”. Big companies sometimes complete and sometimes cooperate when it’s in their own best interest.

In the USA, “we” seem to have lost that insight. 

Hopefully, we can heed the various admonitions on point here (i.e., love thy neighbor; hate the sin but love the sinner; first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye).

This whole episode reminds me to do the same.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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