JLINKEDIN: Williamson, Amber [MC2016] ELT at Nong Phai School Thailand



Williamson, Amber [MC2016]
English Language Teacher at Nong Phai School
Phetchabun, Thailand

Final thesis’ for my Bachelors of Arts titled ‘Tackling The Problems of Women’s and Girl’s Empowerment from Grassroots to Global Government Level: A look at Argentina and The Democratic Republic of the Congo’ along with my thesis ‘The Biblical Oppression of Black Women; A Hermeneutical Examination’. 

I am a civil rights enthusiast and feminist. My point of focus is the perpetual global violence against women.

Currently I am a high school english language teacher in central Thailand soon to return to academia to work towards writing my dissertation.

Manhattan College Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

  • Graduated Cum Laude. 
  • Minored in religious studies. 
  • Specialized in feminist and race theory as well as it’s intersectionality within religion and society today.

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