PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Big Tom


Good Evening All,

I had spoken with Tom McCarthy after Ben Benson’s Mass of Christian Burial and at the time, Tom’s Father, Tom Senior/ Big Tom, was undergoing tests and evaluation to address his diagnosed Cancer. tomorrow, Thursday, November 30th, Mr. McCarthy will begin treatment of his Stage 3a lung Cancer. Big Tom’s loving Family have shared this journey with great Love and support and are optomistic.  Tom has asked for our prayers for his Dad and the Family and I ask you to raise the Volume for this good man. We pray for Mr. McCarthy and we pray that God’s healing hand guide the Doctors and care givers in their care of Big Tom. We pray for complete recovery free of complication over the coming months. Please keep the volume up. We pray that God’s Loving Grace and Healing Embrace Big Tom. 
Below is part of Tom’s message and his heartfelt thank you for your prayers.Thank you. God Bless.
Phil Colon

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Tom McCarthy Sr. was diagnosed with Stage 3a lung cancer after a pretty sizable tumor had been discovered back in early October during a routine exam, eventually labeled as a non-small cell squamous carcinoma. After weeks of testing and evaluation, he is due to begin treatment tomorrow. He’s taking part in a clinical trial at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center which will include a mixture of chemotherapy and immunotherapy over the next 12 weeks and with the ultimate goal of operating to remove the mass. 
It’s been a tough few months and we have a long road ahead but he’s in great hands and it’s amazing how far treatment has come… there’s a lot of love and support for Big Tom! So we’re keeping a positive outlook for a successful course of treatment and we appreciate the prayers and well-wishes for him and all his doctors and caregivers. 
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