COMMENT: Jablon, Ken (MC1962) disagrees on my conundrum



Regarding your “Positration: $28 baby saver”—I don’t believe it’s a conundrum because an aborted fetus is not a “baby.” I hope you and your family have a joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018.

Ken Jablon ‘62

[JR: So can we agree to disagree agreeably? What if that “thing”, that was aborted, was the soul that was supposed to cure cancer, bring about world peace, or just the deciding vote for something important. I’m a pro-choice pro-life little L libertarian so I can believe, at conception, it’s a human being. That doesn’t mean I want the Gooferment legalizing / outlawing abortion, subsidizing abortion with my  stolen wealth in taxes, or propagandizing or proselytizing abortion around the globe. This should be an intensely personal decision between people with their medical professionals. Like the “death penalty”, it’s irreversible. I do think that many “pro-lifers” don’t recognize the needs after the baby is born.]  

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One response to “COMMENT: Jablon, Ken (MC1962) disagrees on my conundrum

  1. Frank MacGabhann

    And if that “soul to be aborted” was to be a serial killer, a second Hitler or peaderastic priest, what then?

    Frank Smith 1972

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