ENDNOTE: “But as intensive care unit stretchers replace at-home deathbeds …”



Here’s what death really sounds like

*** begin quote ***

7 a.m. began as it always did; the overnight doc was threatening to quit while rubbing her bloodshot eyes and smearing mascara beneath them. Between heavy sighs, she listed the patients transferring into my care ending with Mr. Mandel.

*** and ***

Glancing at the screen, I immediately interpreted the numbers. Heart rate: 45. Respiration rate: 40. Blood pressure: 67/42. It was very easy for me to tell that Charles Mandel was soon to die. But as intensive care unit stretchers replace at-home deathbeds, digital tones replace guttural human noises and the ability of observers to slowly comprehend the reality of a failing body is diminished.

*** end quote ***

As I get older, I think more about this.

Do we really need “intensive care unit stretchers replacing at-home deathbeds”?

Death is a natural process. And, “we” have made it an expensive and terrible process.

So sad.

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