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How do you cope with the terrifying prospect of a long tube being rammed up your butt by a doctor to look for problematic colon polyps or outright cancerous tumors? Is ad hoc aromatherapy or a smartphone movie useful for reducing anxiety?
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Michael J. McFadden, Have studied, analyzed, & written about hundreds of smoking-related medical studies. Answered Mon
You’ll be fast asleep. The last thing you’ll remember is lying on the table, and you’ll blink your eyes and find yourself sitting/reclining in the “recovery” area where a nice nurse will offer you some water and maybe a tasty cracker or two.
MJM, had three of ’em so far! (Colonoscopies, not nice nurses. Had four of them I think…)
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McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)
[JR: I feel strongly about this topic. My maternal Grandmother died and my Mom had a near miss with colon cancer. More qualified folks than I cited it’s the #2 cancer killer. And it’s completely curable when caught early. Parenthetically, I have read that it maybe completely avoidable by a plant based diet.  Because of the family history, I have been “religious” about getting my colonoscopies. My doc called me a “polyp farm” because of the numerous and fast growth of them that I am “blessed” with. Last time, I had to have one surgically removed — I believe that one was the type that was a killer. So, I urge all to not shirk this “easy” form of “preventative maintenance”. Because of family experience with anesthesia, I don’t take sedation. And, quite frankly, it’s more uncomfortable than painful. YMMV but get it done. I don’t like seeing obits.]  
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