COMMENT: Bryk, William (MC1977) on the Vietnam War


During the Vietnam War, my mother, who has gone on to join the majority, offered to arrange for me to leave the United States to join relatives in Canada.  I told her that I could not do that.  I didn’t want to be killed in a war I believed unjust.  I also could not abandon my country. I could not have looked myself in the mirror if I left others to do the dirty work. After I made that decision, I received my number in the draft.  It was somewhere in the 300s.  I would not have been called up.  Sheer luck.

Bryk, William (MC1977)

[JR: I was drafted but “volunteered” for the Air Force. I was a conflicted “child” (in understanding; not age) at the time but knew that this (undeclared) “war” was just a disaster. Luck of the draw left me in Maryland; a lot of good people were not so “lucky”. I know that the “casualties” extended to entire families thanks to Agent Orange and who know what else. Now in my “old age”, I just want to bring all the girls, boys, women, and men home now!  Unfortunately no one listens to the vets. Have yet to meet one who supports our current foreign policy. Dona Nobis Pacem]  

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