JLINKEDIN: Rotando, Jerome [MC1978] Chemical Eng consulting



Rotando, Jerome [MC1978] 
Experienced Chemical Engineer, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Cebu and Leyte, Philippines

  • I am consulting as of 02/17.
  • Region VII – Central Visayas, Philippines  
  • Chemical engineer with wide and varied experience spanning over 35 years.
  • Working in the US as the Manufacturing Science and Technology Department (MS&T) Chemical Process Engineer for Fougera Pharmaceuticals, subsidiary of Novartis/Sandoz. Entrepreneur and consultant in water systems, cosmetics. and beverages.
  • My desire is to develop global opportunities for pharmaceuticals, beverages, foods, and cosmetics (including cosmetic raw materials) from the Asia/Asia Pacific area locally, and to the United States and Europe.

Specialties: Chemical Processes for manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, natural extracts, bioprocesses, and potable water.

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