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Con Edison System Is Prepared for GMD
Grid monitoring of geomagnetic disturbances focuses on bulk power transformers and improves resilience.
Vincenzo Panuccio, Anastasia O’Malley, Hibourahima Camara | Dec 27, 2017

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Consolidated Edison has made significant progress in assessing the vulnerability of its transmission system to the effects of geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs). The utility has enhanced its operational guidelines to mitigate the effects of geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). Con Edison will invoke these guidelines in case of a GMD event to maintain reliable operation of the transmission system.
Con Edison’s GMD-related initiatives are as follows:
• Asset assessments and GIC capability evaluation for shell-form transformers
• Evaluation of harmonic response of relays and capacitor banks that may be affected by GIC
• Installation of a comprehensive GIC monitoring system
• Enhancement of a system operation procedure for GMD
• Development of a GIC network model for Con Edison’s bulk power system
• Evaluation of the risk of system voltage collapse as a result of increased reactive power demand by saturated transformers in the event of a GMD.

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Anastasia O’Malley is a project manager in the substation equipment section of central engineering and provides technical guidance on the purchase, installation, maintenance and replacement of Con Edison’s power transformer fleet. She holds an MSEE degree from Manhattan College, a BSME degree from Rutgers University and an MBA degree from Fordham University. She is currently an officer of the Doble Engineering Transformer Committee and an active member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society Transformer Committee.

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O’Malley, Anastasia [MC????] 

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O’Malley, Anastasia [MC2008]

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