MNEWS: A “manhattan college” student quoted


Hawaii News
Looking ahead to a bright 2018
By John Steinhorst The Garden Island | Monday, January 1, 2018, 12:05 a.m.

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Kapaa resident Kailee Arakaki’s new year resolution is to get good grades while studying secondary education at Manhattan College in New York.

Her resolution for Kauai in 2018 was simple: “I’d just like to see everyone come together as a community, because I know that they just so very tight-knit and show the aloha spirit a lot, and I really love that.”

“Kauai is a unique place where people genuinely have as much aloha as anybody else,” said Kaeo Bradford of the Kauai Workforce Development Board. “Aloha begins with me. Because we work with the community, it’s very important. We always work with the public, so we have to be genuinely concerned about what’s happening in our community.”

With all the island’s challenges, including traffic, housing and education, many still believe the only way to create a positive future is by sharing kindness and empathy in our everyday activities.

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Hope she’s one of “ours”.

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