JNEWS: Higgins, Julianne [MC1981] Wilton Council on Ethics



Ethics panel gains two
By Wilton Bulletin on January 3, 2018 

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The Board of Selectmen Dec. 18 appointed Jeff Miller and Julianne Higgins to the Council on Ethics.

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Higgins is a former member of the Council on Ethics, having served from 2008 to 2015, and was chairman for more than a year.

She has worked as an attorney in various corporations, including Colgate-Palmolive Co. Her volunteer work includes being a driver for the American Cancer Society.

She is a 1981 graduate of Manhattan College, summa cum laude, and a 1986 graduate of Fordham University School of Law, where she was editor of the Fordham International Law Journal.

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Higgins, Julianne [MC1981]

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