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Doctor retires after 33 years of caring for Pendleton patients
Kathy Aney East Oregonian
Published on January 5, 2018 7:19PM
Last changed on January 5, 2018 9:44PM

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Dr. Dan Marier clearly remembers his first day of doctoring in Pendleton.

Marier had moved to Oregon from Denver to practice with Dr. Norm Sitz and two other doctors at Pendleton Internal Medicine.

“I started at 8 o’clock on Oct. 15, 1984 — the first day of bird season,” Marier recalls. “There was a note on my desk from Norm that said, ‘Gone bird hunting.’”

Marier saw 20 new patients that day and 20 the next day. He was off and running and didn’t slow down — until recently. The internist retired in December after 33 years in practice.

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Marier, who is now 68, described himself as a science nerd who grew up in the rustbelt town of Binghamton, New York. As a college student, he studied chemical engineering at Manhattan College, then got accepted to medical school at New York University where tuition cost him $2,400 annually.

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Marier found certain developments frustrating. One was a federal push in the last decade for doctors to use electronic medical records to track their patients. He found the software clunky, complex, time-consuming and distracting. In the exam room, Marier found himself gazing at the computer screen typing information into a database and missing non-verbal clues from his patients. Finally, both he and Sitz opted to hire scribes so they could concentrate on patients. Eventually, Marier said, “I reverted back to what I was doing 30 years ago. I had a pen, a pad and a dictaphone.”

Another frustration, he said, was doctors’ decreasing clout with insurance companies. In order to have negotiating power, physicians are selling their practices to health care companies. Marier and Sitz did that three years ago when they sold to the Praxis Medical Group.

He also commented on the rising cost of medication such as the price of an EpiPen for allergic attacks, which surged 535 percent from 2007 to 2014. Marier finds this type of spike ethically troublesome.

“The cost of meds has gone through the ceiling — it’s insane,” Marier said. “I think it’s immoral.”

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Marier list of retirement goals includes playing more guitar, singing with the Pendleton Men’s Chorus and traveling with his wife, Connie.

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Marier, Dan [MC????]

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I believe that Dan is a member of the Class of 1979.


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