POSITRACTION: Clear Conversations to improve empathy



Brush With Death Leads Doctor To Focus On Patient Perspective
January 3, 2018 5:00 AM ET

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Today, she splits her time working as a critical care physician and as the medical director of care experience for the Henry Ford Health System. In the past five years, she and three colleagues have developed a program called Clear Conversations to improve empathy and communication with patients. At retreats that typically last two days, Henry Ford Hospital staff practice having difficult conversations with improvisational actors who play their patients. The program also trains providers in fundamental patient communications skills and offers real-time physician “shadowing” to provide feedback.

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One thing I learned from my wife’s long illness was the lack of empathy in all but a few doctors treating her.

I blame that on “insurance” pressure to “turnover” patients like a restaurant waiter.

Perhaps, if we could change BACK to a free market where the patients pay for what they get, then we’d get a better experience. I remember as a child, doctors and hospital staff were all empathetic.  

Of course, the Gooferment won’t let that happen. The politicians and bureaucrats are just fine with the current system of Big Medicine’s Crony Capitalism. Argh!

Maybe this doc can change the culture.

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