ENDNOTE: Abusive weed arrests



Being Black in Trump Country: Dozens of People Arrested for Less Than an Ounce of Weed
Shaun King
January 4 2018, 1:58 p.m.

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WHEN A PANICKED stranger emailed me this past weekend to say that police in Cartersville, Georgia, had “locked up a hundred kids when they claimed to find less than an ounce of weed at a house party,” I didn’t need to ask if the kids were black. I already knew. Police departments across north Georgia, a region north of Atlanta where Cartersville is located, just aren’t that likely to arrest 100 white kids at a house party if they discovered less than an ounce of marijuana.

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Many of these people’s lives will be ruined because of that small amount of marijuana. Scores of lawyers have been hired; nearly $100,000 in bail money was paid; and good people — who, for all we or the cops know, have never even smoked weed — are wondering if they are about to have a criminal record. Their mugshots were publicly released. Unable to afford bail, many of the men and women who were arrested were then fired from their jobs after they were left in jail for days on end.

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Sorry, but this is “barbara streisand”; an abusive use of police power and prosecutorial misconduct.

If AG Session was doing his job of protecting the rights of the people, he’d be down their with the DoJ lawyers setting things right.

Sorry, but the Congress needs to legalize drugs and focus on treatment; not punishment.

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