ENDNOTE: If only DJT45 had said “gurry hole”



Pays De Trou De Merde
Posted on January 12, 2018
by Gallaher, Peter “ Peardar Ban” (MC1965)

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It ain’t only places like that, you know. Not too long ago I lived in a small town in Ohio on the edge of Appalachia.  There were places in that town a lot like the places I saw back East; this, time filled with white people; toothless, badly dressed, poorly fed, poorly educated, chronically ill, dirt poor, men, women and children.  How about half naked kids playing outside in the winter?  Now, there’s a trou de merde you can drive through on your way to watch Ohio State play Michigan State.

Trump, if he said it, only called a spade a spade; and, my point is, he only used a term quite familiar to everyone above the age of ten in this country.  The folks who are upset by it all are the nosegay and smelling salts phonies; the “whitened sepulchers”, the liars who are as familiar with those things as a seagull with gurry; which means most of the people yowling about how horrible this all is.

Gurry, for you folks unfamiliar with the word, is simply rotting fish offal.  It looks and smells much better than it really is when in a black dress, topped with a pink hat and preceded by a hashtag.

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Unfortunately, DJT45 just said what everyone was thinking.

Call it what you want but it’s not “racist”; just “realistic”.

We want “good people”; not “criminals”.

We have to end the “welfare / warfare” state to get back to the “American Dream”.

That’s too my fellow alum for an eloquent observation.

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