ENDNOTE: 45th annual March for Life



PHOTOS: The Best Signs at the 45th Annual March for Life
by PENNY STARR — 20 Jan 2018

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Tens of thousands of people traveled from across the United States for the 45th annual March for Life on the National Mall on Friday.

President Donald Trump was the first sitting U.S. president to address the marchers live from the Rose Garden at the White House, and many lawmakers also spoke from the stage, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

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Just as I think the Gooferment should have no roll in “marriage”, I think its roll in “abortion” is all wrong.

This is, first and foremost, a very private decision of a Mom. One size fits all Gooferment solutions is not the way to change “hearts and minds”. 

To this fat old white guy injineer, it’s like putting a screw with a hammer. (No humor intended!)


  • The Federal Gooferment shouldn’t be forcing people of conscience to pay for things they find abhorrent.
  • The Federal Gooferment shouldn’t be using anyone’s money to influence public policy in foreign countries.
  • The States should be the logical place where “abortion and contraception” should be made. If not, even closer to the people.
  • The Right To Lifers need to recognize that once a child is born, responsibility doesn’t end.
  • The Pro-Choicers need to recognize that they are advocating murdering a human being for convenience.
  • Everyone needs to turn down the volume and turn up the compassion. As Judge Judy says: “Put on your listening ears”.
  • Everyone needs to think about the meme that “we” may have aborted the next Motzart, the next Hawking, the person to cure cancer, or maybe the person to bring about world peace.
  • Rich white women and rich make politicians should stop saying that contraception is too expensive for ordinary people to pay for; that just trivializes the issue.
  • Abortion should be a rarity; not a convenient form of birth control.

And why was the Big Media silent in its coverage of this “march”, while over covering the “other” march. (Could it be because it was “leftist”?)


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