COMMENT: Jablon, Ken (MC1962) sees the “religious right” as the problem



Regarding your comment in the ENDNOTE of 2/3/18—”Abortion should be a rarity; not a convenient form of birth control. I agree! However, it’s not going to happen if the religious right, particularly the Catholic Church, make it as difficult as possible to purchase and use birth control materials.

Ken Jablon ‘62

[JR: Nice that we agree. I don’t see there is much difficulty in “buying and using”. It’s (imho) cheap — despite what Democratic convention speaker Sandra Flack articulated — and easy. And the Catholic Church is not a big hurdle since it, and this Pope, seems to be abandoning any standards at all. Sadly, hopefully, abortion will be seen as “immoral” in that it threatens humanity as a species. As with other “alternatives” — what the religious right would call “perversions” — behaviors that prevent reproduction are contra-survival of humanity. The low replacement birth rate doesn’t bode well for humanity.]

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