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Kevin Krewell
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Former Intel President at Reins in ARM Chip Startup

Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at TIRIAS Research, agreed. “She’s got the name and the connections. Her experience and her recognition with the customer base will be a significant asset for Ampere’s ability to get into companies and into data centers,” he said. …

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Krewell, Kevin [MC1977]
Principal Analyst at TIRIAS Research
TIRIAS Research
San Francisco Bay Area

I spent my working life around digital electronics – from design, support, (technical) marketing, and research. I’ve had hands on experience working with microprocessors since the Intel 4040 in college.

I joined Microprocessor Report in 1999, and entered a new phase of my career where I became a technology analyst. I’ve always taken a critical view of technologies and products. After almost 5 years at NVIDIA, I returned to the analyst side of the business – first with The Linley Group, and now at Tirias Research. 

You can follow me on Twitter at @Krewell.

You can also check out my blog at http://www.entropc.blogspot.com where posted some of the content that doesn’t make it into the Microprocessor Report or a Linley Group report.

Specialties: PC processors; mobile processors; microprocessor architecture; technical writing; technology analysis; market analysis

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