JLINKEDIN: Ferraro, Joseph A. [MC1989] Director Direct Response @ The Jackson Laboratory



Ferraro, Joseph A. [MC1989]
Director Direct Response Fundraising and Social Outreach at The Jackson Laboratory
Greater New York City Area

As a professional with more than 25 years of hands-on organizational transformation driving innovation stewarding donors, and performing marketing management for nonprofit fundraising programs, I possess deep understanding and experience in the fundraising industry, delivering breakthrough thinking and results. I have been heavily involved in the definition of best practices and procedures that lead to record-setting sales and increased fundraising. 

With a unique ability to consult with diverse individuals and convey messages to various departments, I have been recognized as a subject matter expert in multiple facets. I have forged long-lasting relationships with existing stakeholders, and I build new partnerships based on honesty and trust. 

I increased acquired donors by more than 400% and national income over previous years by 20%, leading to more than $250MM of donor funds.

I utilize a professional history of guiding projects from the early stages of initiating, through planning and execution, and finally close. I have collected lessons learned and I have implemented new protocol, as a result.

Engage with clients while providing comprehensive and integrated direct response fundraising services including 1-to-1 communication, mail, phone, online, and email to advance organizations’ missions. 

With increasing responsibility in each of my positions, I have developed strong rapport with staff and stakeholders, while driving the overarching strategic vision. I understand the operations and logistics of unique projects, and I have mitigated operating challenges early in the process. With a unique ability to forge strong business relationships with strategic startups and with existing and highly complex clients, I exemplify the ability to collaborate using appropriate business and/or technical acumen.

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