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Manhattan College Supports Its LGBTQ students through LaSallian Charism
January 28, 2018 by Lizzie Sextro

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Manhattan College, a Catholic campus in New York City, established its first LGBTQ support group in the early 1980’s. Since then, the organization has grown and flourished as its members continue to raise awareness and create a safe space for LGBTQ students on campus. The school is owned by the Christian Brothers, and the outreach to LGBTQ students is very much grounded in the spirit of the Brothers’ founder: John Baptist de La Salle.

An editorial in The Quadrangle, the school’s student newspaper, emphasized the school’s three-decade commitment to LGBTQ students by examining the five major LaSallian values:

“(1) Respect for all people. (2) Quality Education. (3) Inclusive Community. (4) Concern for the Poor and Social Justice. (5) Faith in the Presence of God.”

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Nice to see Alma Mater recognized for doing good deeds.

I tend to agree with, not “despite”, the Catholic teaching that has notoriously labeled “homosexual tendencies” as “intrinsically disordered.” Unfortunately for these afflicted and conflicted individuals, they can’t really reproduce and perpetuate the species. So, but, despite being “broken”, they are human beings entitled to all the rights, and to be treated with dignity. To not do that, leads us to the Nazis and their version of eugenics.

I definitely disagree with the inclusion of the words “Social Justice”  because of its left liberal political connotations. “Social Justice” seems to me to make certain classes of people entitled to “positive rights” that are merely stealing from others.

But, the first two of what I think are my core values are peace and tolerance. As I’ve ofter said and post, I’m not the arbiter of anything but my own conduct. I try to live so that my Mom would be proud of me. It’s a child-like easy to measure yardstick.

I applaud Alma Mater for its compassion in a very difficult human situation.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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