QUADRANGLE: Sophomore Publishes Book on Depression



Sophomore Julia Danielowski Publishes Book on Depression
Posted on February 18, 2018 by The Quadrangle in Features

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Manhattan College sophomore and philosophy major Julia Danielowski has a past that she isn’t letting define her. During a battle with depression, Danielowski decided it was time to do something with what she knows and what she has experienced, in a way that is beneficial to others who are either experiencing something similar, the same, or people who are unfamiliar to depression overall.

Danielowski’s book, “The Great Part About Depression,” documents the journey of her personal journey dealing with mental illness. Growing up, Danielowski always felt as if she was different from others. However, she decided to make her mission to conquer depression itself. The goal of her book– to get across the idea that mental illness doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

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[JR: What an achievement. Turning a “handicap” into a “success”.]

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