POSITRACTION: Can kindness help?



When Teens Are Asked to do Something Kind, They Write 5,100 Notes to Uplift Every Student in School
By Good News Network-Feb 24, 2018

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When the students at Carmel Clay High School were asked to do something kind for their fellow classmates, they did not just rise to the occasion; they owned it.

Sarah Wolff, who teaches a ceramics class at the school in Carmel, Indiana, asked a group of her pupils to do something nice for their fellow students. She figured that – following the tragic events at the school in Parkland, Florida last week – her students could benefit from even a trickle of positive vibes.

The teens then agreed to write and print out inspiring notes for their peers—not just the ones they were friends with, but a note for every student in the school.

As a result, the youngsters wrote 5,100 individual notes of inspiration and taped them to the school lockers on Wednesday.

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I’m no goody two shoes but I’d like to hope this is more effective than any “gun prohibition”.

Clearly, the Parkland Florida was a disturbed individual, but perhaps, just if just one person had taped such a note to his locker, things might have been different.

Maybe if we all listen and reach out a little more, we can be that change?

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