JNEWS: Fischer, Amanda [MC2010] Sr Mktg Mgr at Updater



YOUTecH with Amanda Fischer
Staff Writer — Feb 28 2018 

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Knowing Amanda…

Wait, but first, who is she?! 

Senior Marketing Manager at Updater!

Basically, the lady behind the management, coordination and implementation of all marketing efforts and programs for the company, (ultimately driving strategic business value through marketing.)

Amanda – Then and now…

Amanda graduated from Manhattan College back in 2010 (where she played on the women’s soccer team!) with a double major in marketing and global business. Since then, she’s weaved her way through various industries, starting in sports, then moving to fashion, and ultimately, landing in what she claims to be her favorite (and therefore the most glamorous – relocation!). Why relocation you ask? Well, “it’s something nearly everyone can relate to – who hasn’t moved?” she responds. (That, and the fact that Updater happens to be a relocation technology company!)

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