ADMINISTRIVIA: Browne, John Henry [MC1965 RIP] condolences


Browne, John Henry [MC1965 RIP] condolences

[JR: One of the sad (happy?) self-assumed duties I perform as the CIC is to “bury the dead”. I report the obits, share them with Jasper Colon’s pray group, and put a note in the obit’s guestbook if there is one. As a result, depending upon the guestbook site, I get an email when it’s going offline. Many times my note is the only entry; that makes me sad. On occasion, I get a reply from the family and, if appropriate, I share it. In this case, I copied all the notes to a page on the “back lot”. I did that because the number and quality of the memories was impressive. It demonstrates the impact that our fellow alum had. I could not let this pass without calling it to your attention and memorialize it as it goes “offline” shortly. Thanks to Google’s generous free sites, I can capture it. Requiescat In Pacem Jasper Browne.]

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