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‘The Time To Do This Is Now’: New Canaan Mom To Launch New Podiatry Practice Downtown
By: MICHAEL DINAN | March 7, 2018

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New Canaan resident Dr. Jennifer Tauber has been a working mom ever since she became a mother.

A Wilton native, she’d already earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Manhattan College and doctorate of podiatric medicine from New York College of Podiatric Medicine when she married and then moved here 15 years ago.

Tauber completed her residency at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, and after just a few years settled into her second job in podiatry, joining the staff of a small practice in Bethel for a 12-year stint that would help provide a foundation in her chosen field.

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The first business the ’95 Wilton High School graduate has owned, New Canaan Podiatry will open at 107 Cherry St. immediately after an Open House planned for April 6.

“I’m super excited about opening up,” Tauber told NewCanaanite.comwhen asked about the prospect of launching her own business. “It’s a little bit daunting, opening up your own practice, but I’ve been practicing over 15 years so I am pretty confident in what I do.”

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A basketball player at Wilton High School who suffered plantar fasciitis herself and was healed by a podiatrist, Tauber was introduced to podiatry by the dean of biology at Manhattan College. One attraction to the field, she said, is that it’s of the few medical specialties that offers relief quickly to patients.

“A patient can come in with heel pain, you give them a cortisone injection, teach some stretches and if they don’t feel better that same day, they feel better soon,” she said. “It’s a lot of instant gratification for a patient, which is a really nice feeling for a medical professional.”

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New Canaan Podiatry’s website is here, its Facebook page is here and Instagram here.


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