ENDNOTE: Innocent man executed; DNA exculpatory



Injustice by lethal injection: ‘Stocking Strangler’ is executed for raping and killing seven women DESPITE Mail On Sunday reporter uncovering vital DNA evidence that he claims proves his innocence
Carlton Gary, 67, known as the ‘Stocking strangler’ was executed on Thursday
He supposedly murdered seven women and raped another in Columbus, Georgia
His execution came despite DNA tests proving that the 67-year-old was innocent 
By David Rose for The Mail on Sunday
PUBLISHED: 18:17 EDT, 17 March 2018 | UPDATED: 03:50 EDT, 18 March 2018

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At about 10pm last Thursday, Carlton Gary, the prisoner condemned as the ‘Stocking Strangler’, a man who supposedly murdered seven women and raped another in Columbus, Georgia, was hustled into a white breeze block building at the state prison in Jackson – the death house.

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Various appeal courts refused to examine evidence of Carlton Gary’s innocence, which included:

  • The DNA test: The first victim, Gertrude Miller, identified Gary as her attacker in the most dramatic point of his trial. But DNA testing on semen on her nightdress and sheets proves she was raped by someone else.
  • The crime lab sabotage: A semen sample from another victim, locked away for years, was rendered useless after someone at the Georgia state crime lab smeared their own semen over the precious slide.
  • The bite mould: Also hidden for years was a mould of the killer’s teeth, made from a bite wound on another victim. It did not match Gary’s teeth.
  • The shoe print: The killer left shoeprints on an air-conditioning unit at one of the crime scenes. They were size 9, but Gary has size 14 feet – as MoS reporter David Rose testified at a 2014 appeal hearing.
  • The hidden lab papers: Documents unearthed 14 years after the 1986 trial show that the killer was a ‘non-secretor’ – a condition that means a person does not secrete his blood group marker into other bodily fluids. Gary is a secretor – as David Rose proved when he smuggled a sample of Gary’s semen out of prison after visiting him on death row.

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I found that, if as reported, the “confession” is suspect and must be deemed “bogus” at best; criminal action by the police at worst.

Hence, my renewed objection to the “death penalty”. When the Gooferment makes an OBVIOUS mistake and refuses to correct it, the “innocent” is no longer alive to get justice.

Every honest person should be outraged.


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