COMMENT: Toner, Mike (MC1972) responds about the Pope


Dear f. John,

I don’t agree that criticism of Papa Francis should be suppressed, but I am also happy that our pope is no longer the equivalent of sovereigns – don’t think that what the carpenter’s son had in mind..

Also – – RE: Obit notice here for Bruce P. Muller (’57 S)

I had the good fortune to be an undergraduate student under Bruce’s tutelage at Manhattan College from 1960 to 1963. I took most of my major coursework in his classes, worked for him in various academic undertakings (Testing Center Aide, Teaching Assistant, Research projects, etc.) and became a friend of his entire and extended family (including – together with my then yet-to-be wife – babysitting his children!). After graduation and further training in psychology, I worked for and with Bruce in several clinical and academic settings while becoming his neighbor in Bethel, CT where we would have Sunday-morning coffee just about every week for 16 years.

Other than my wife, no single individual has had as much influence on the person I see myself today – a successful psychologist (now retired), a person with an inquiring mind, cosmopolitan tastes and one with a solid sense of humor and a healthy disrespect for convention and authority. A piece of my bedrock has passed. RIP good friend 
Insull, Bob (MC1963)

Could a teacher ask for more?? Congrats to Prof. Muller!! And how lucky was Jasper Insull to have this relationship!! And congrats, as always, to Alma Mater for bringing the right people together!! And, thank you, f. John for keeping us informed of all of these great things!!

Toner, Mike (MC1972)

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