JEMAIL: Horan, Bill [MC1978] reports on McHugh, Kevin [MC1978] honored


My classmate, Kevin McHugh, ’78, has been a passionate supporter of Augie’s Quest, an organization dedicated to raising funds and finding a cure for ALS. Kevin, received the 2018 Augie’s Quest Leadership Award for his efforts.

Horan, Bill [MC1978]

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From press release:

Congratulations to The Atlantic Club’s, Kevin McHugh on being awarded the 2018 Augie’s Quest Leadership Award. We are so grateful for all you do for us!

Thanks to IHRSA and hundreds of other sponsors and supporters, Augie’s Quest announced a check total of $6,068,273 at Friday nights 13th annual BASH. The bash was a Hacienda celebration of all fundraising programs our fitness partners hosted over the last year including the Team Quest4ALS campaign, Orangetheory Fitness’ #iburnforals campaign, and dozens of others. Highlights from the evening includes Atlantic Club’s, Kevin McHugh receiving the Augie’s Quest Leadership Award, Orangetheory announcing a $4 million total for their recent three week fundraising effort, and a heartwarming speech by Lynne Nieto with Augie and grandchildren nearby.

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Horan, Bill [MC1978]

McHugh, Kevin [MC1978]

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