ENDNOTE: State-Enforced Paganism in America begins with the Gooferment Skrules



March 17, 2018
State-Enforced Paganism in America
By Fay Voshell

*** begin quote ***

But Christians who believe the Ten Commandments are an expression of God’s higher laws are irrational and must be expunged from any meaningful role in society.

Persecution of Christians is nothing new, of course; though it has been relatively restrained in America until recent decades.

Instances of persecution abound, both past and present. During the reign of Louis XIV of France, the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, which had offered some protection of the Huguenot minority, meant Protestants were deprived of any rights whatever. The Sun King’s enforcer, Cardinal de Richelieu, succeeded in breaking any political power held by Huguenots by banning them from holding public office and by decreeing their children be taken from their homes to be instructed in the tenets of the Catholic faith, which was to be absolute.

In similar manner, America’s Christian parents, protestant and Catholic alike — most of whom do not have affordable and easily accessible alternatives — find their children forcibly instructed in the tenets of New Paganism in public schools. The doctrines of the New Paganism, including polytheistic multiculturalism, moral relativism, and political correctness exclude teaching of Christian principles.

*** and ***

The New Paganism, which in its most current form of transgenderism is both anti-Christian and anti-science — and thus anti-Western — is deeply committed to the use of state power to quell opposition, Christian or otherwise, as has recently been shown in the case of a feminist British woman who was interrogated by police because her tweets questioning the castration of a sixteen-year-old boy were deemed prejudicial to transgenderism. All dissenters, not just Christians, should be appalled by such raw use of state power to suppress opposing views.

The New Paganism is bound to think America would be better if it were rid of Christians. Riddled with pre-science superstitions better belonging to pagan barbarism, the New Paganism is dead set against any restraints whatsoever. Christians, however, know human will is capable of great evil, particularly when it brooks no restraint. They know human will must be restrained by allegiance to a higher law than the state. They know the New Paganism is horribly regressive and inevitably oppressive, as are all ideologies that permit the absolute ascendency of human will, be it the will of an elite class or individuals. The ineluctable descent of the sexual revolution into bestiality, pedophilia and the mutilation of the human body in order to create a facsimile of the opposite sex are revelatory of a truly barbarous religion.

*** end quote ***

The hierarchy of the various churches have lost all moral authority due to human flaws and the desire to please the “king” lest they be prosecuted for those human flaws.

If “we” don’t stop Gooferment “education” — which the Communists were excoriated for “brainwashing children”, then how can we stop the Left’s relentless march towards socialism. Then comes dictatorship and eventually genocide for the Christians. Nothing can dislodge the Gooferment’s desire to be the people’s “god”. And, there can only be one “god”. Argh!

“We, The Sheeple” must push back and insist that parents educate their own children without interference from “the State”. For those who insist that children “will not be properly educated”, all that has to be done is to point to the results “achieved” by Gooferment Skrules!


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